Thursday, April 07, 2022

Jussie Smollett Planning Tell-All Book?

Insiders claim publishers are bombarding Jussie Smollett with million dollar book deals and Jussie is SERIOUSLY considering it...

From OK
An insider tells OK! that the 39-year old is now being courted by publishers hoping to land one of the most scandalous tell-alls in recent history.
"People are pitching him hard, and Jussie's been told he could get a $10 million deal, and way more depending on how much he dishes," says the insider.
Now, "he's desperate for a cash infusion," notes the insider. "The word is Jussie intends to spill on the cruel way he was fired from the show, the costars who betrayed him and the friends who refused to back him in his time of need."
The actor, who has maintained his innocence, is "confident he'll be vindicated in court," the insider adds. "But whatever happens, Jussie's earnings have dried up, so there's no doubt he'll sign on the dotted line — even if he has to pen this book from a jail cell!"