Tuesday, April 12, 2022

Kerrion Franklin Gives Interview From Jail

This week gospel singer Kirk Franklin's oldest son Kerrion was arrested and held without bond in Beverly Hills after allegedly being pulled over in a dead woman's car [click here if you missed that]. 

Kerrion speaks out from behind bars...

In an interview from jail Kerrion tells Larry Reid Live that he is being denied medical attention and feels like he is being set up. Kerrion also mentioned that "people" were putting him in the position to get arrested. 

Kerrion told Larry Reid that eight police cars pulled him over, but Larry had to press Kerrion more than once to find out why, before Kerrion ultimately blamed the traffic stop on a busted tail light. 

As for the owner of the car, Kerrion insists the woman was alive and well when he bought the car from her and her husband over a year ago. Kerrion also said the car is registered and that he's been pulled over in it before and no-one ever said anything about a missing woman or a murder. 

Kerrion also confirmed he has NOT spoken to his famous father Kirk Franklin. 



Anonymous said...

Broke and busted. Kirk lay hands on your son and send him the Holly Ghost.

Anonymous said...

I don't believe him.

The King Of The Real said...

He doing time. Sorry. He better get them Ramen Hacks ready and be ready to pay protection cause he aint built for prison. He already breaking the first rule. TALKING. DUMBASS

R in NYC said...

He snortin' that good sh*t. This fool not making any sense at all.

Anonymous said...

Kerrion or anyone in jail should never do interviews. You're being recorded by the police dummy! They'll take anything you say and use it against you in court. Larry Reid will do anything for clicks, views and money.

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