Monday, April 04, 2022

Mo'Nique Starring in Lee Daniels New Movie

Over the weekend director Lee Daniels apologized to Mo'Nique, ending their decade long feud following the making of the movie 'Precious' [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Mo'Nique and Lee are working together again...

According to reports Mo'Nique is set to replace Octavia Spencer in Lee Daniels' new movie 'Demon House' on Netflix.  

Demon House is based on a true story about a family who lived in a haunted house in Gary IN.
In a case widely covered at the time, Latoya Ammons and her three children experienced strange incidents in their Gary, IN, home that grew progressively worse, with the children levitating, becoming violent with one another and speaking in growls and deep voices with no recollection afterward. Skeptics abounded, but the Gary Police Department, Department of Child Services and the local church and hospital all became involved, filing reports that took the supernatural occurrences seriously. Officers, doctors and social workers said they witnessed many of the incidents, including one in which her 9-year-old son walked backward up a wall. The Indianapolis Star covered it closely as the Department of Child Services investigated it.