Sunday, April 03, 2022

Police Arrest Suspect in Young Thug Son's Mother Murder Case

Last month Atlanta rapper Young Thug's baby mama, LaKevia Jackson, was shot and killed at an Atlanta bowling alley [click here if missed that]. 

An arrest in the case has been made...

Atlanta police have arrested a man and charged him with a woman’s murder after police say there was an argument over a bowling ball.
Investigators say that 25-year-old Joshua Fleetwood was on a date at the Metro Fun Center when he got into an argument with Jackson’s family, who was bowling on an adjacent lane.
Once everyone had left the building, police say two women began to argue and someone from each side of the argument got guns from their cars and began shooting. One shooter got into a car and continued to fire as they drove away.
Jackson was shot during the exchange of gunfire and died from her injuries.


Anonymous said...

Senseless violence. A son no longer has a mother. We got to have more de-escalators amongst ourselves.

Anonymous said...

The results of a "n99a moment"

Unknown said...

Your enemies will always be your own people l Can’t trust being around niggas anymore. He really shot her over a fuckin bowling ball? How Niggerish you gotta be to do something like that? You niggas that damn sensitive that you gotta kill a woman over a damn game?

Felicia said...

And Young Thug as yet to make a statement.

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