Monday, April 04, 2022

Tasha K Ordered to Delete Cardi B Posts

Last month Youtube vlogger Tasha K vowed to never pay a penny of the $4 million in damages awarded to Cardi B after she successfully sued Tasha for defamation of character [click here if you missed that]. 

Now a judge has ordered Tasha to remove every post about Cardi B...

From TMZ
On Monday, a federal judge in Atlanta signed off an injunction forcing Tasha to delete a bunch of her old posts which trashed and defamed Cardi.
Tasha was ordered to pay Cardi about $4 million in damages and attorney's fees ... and had to delete all old posts that include offending statements -- false claims about Cardi and STIs, cocaine, prostitution and "side peen." However, Tasha's appealing that judgment and had yet to remove those posts and/or videos.
According to the new docs, Tasha's now on the clock -- the judge has given her 5 days to scrub her social media platforms and YouTube page of all those shots at Cardi. Both sides agreed to the terms of the injunction.