Monday, April 04, 2022

Tasha K Ordered to Delete Cardi B Posts

Last month Youtube vlogger Tasha K vowed to never pay a penny of the $4 million in damages awarded to Cardi B after she successfully sued Tasha for defamation of character [click here if you missed that]. 

Now a judge has ordered Tasha to remove every post about Cardi B...

From TMZ
On Monday, a federal judge in Atlanta signed off an injunction forcing Tasha to delete a bunch of her old posts which trashed and defamed Cardi.
Tasha was ordered to pay Cardi about $4 million in damages and attorney's fees ... and had to delete all old posts that include offending statements -- false claims about Cardi and STIs, cocaine, prostitution and "side peen." However, Tasha's appealing that judgment and had yet to remove those posts and/or videos.
According to the new docs, Tasha's now on the clock -- the judge has given her 5 days to scrub her social media platforms and YouTube page of all those shots at Cardi. Both sides agreed to the terms of the injunction.


Anonymous said...

About time. Now Tasha can post "blind items"

ms mac said...

I bet her simple ass will probably double down and refuse to do it. She's incapable of understanding consequences and probably believes her loud mouth and ghetto behavior will miraculously shield her from repercussions. Let's see if she's about to win a few stupid prizes.

Anonymous said...


This A list rapper has a lot of legal trouble and to help herself out has been snitching to the government about her former associates. Cardi B

Anonymous said...

Tasha must have rode the short bus to school.

TRACI404 said...

I hope her house and cars and youtube revenue are in someone elses name.
or some fancy impenetrable TRUST FUND.
cause Cardi is about come get her money.
with a Judgement she can garnish her wages, put a lien on her house, and even pull up a Moving Van
take her furniture, TV's, Jewelry, and art off the walls. CLOTHES, BAGS, SHOES, CARS
She just needs a Sheriff there when she does it.
and Cardi B, doesnt need to do it. She can send a "representative"

TRACI404 said...

Remember years back when Lil Wayne had a Judgement against him and they came and took the art off the walls at his home in Miami?

TRACI404 said...

2015 He owed a Private Jet company $2 Million
the Miami-Dade county Sheriff, seized his art off the walls.
He supposedly had $30 million worth of art
The Sheriff came along with an Art Appraiser.

NyahbinghiObeahWomanWarrior said...

I have no dogs in this fight, I don't like either of these fools.

Anonymous said...


GRAMMYS: This A list rapper who hasn't had new music in forever told her fans she was going to be at the show and maybe even performing at the show, when she knew with certainty she would be doing neither. This is why her fans have turned on her. Cardi B (Cardi B deletes Twitter, Instagram after fans criticize her for not attending Grammys)

Anonymous said...

You can't resale items purchased at TJ Max and expect to make a profit. Furniture, pictures on the wall, run down shoes, Moo Moo's dresses and the rest. Broke big mouth Heffer has no real assets to cover that 4mill.

Susie said...

I have no interest either although whilst I do believe every word that Tasha K has written, I have yet to actually watch her channel.

Anonymous said...

I see Tasha's ass is all up in these comments posting blind items about Cardi. Pay up ugly!

Anonymous said...

Susie, since you don't know that TK has admitted she lied why are you making judgements. Shut your trap and get the facts first. Simp

Susie said...

12:06 I have read from other people what was said but I have yet to read Tasha K for myself. She alleges that Cardi is a hoe who has std's and who has a drug habit. I don't doubt it -

Simp? I will not shut my trap and don't you dare ever recommend what I should do with my life. I'll end ya-

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