Wednesday, May 04, 2022

Cheslie Kryst's Stepfather Shuts Down Suicide Rumors

Earlier this year after former Miss USA Cheslie Kyrst committed suicide there were rumors that she felt pressure from her parents to leave her job in entertainment and return to the legal field [click here if you missed that].  

Cheslie's stepdad says the rumors are simply not true...

From ET
"We didn't want to have an interview that was a soundbite," David said of himself and April, Cheslie's mom. "There's been speculation about what happened and we've had to see things posted that's not true."
"She was an attorney for a while," he continued of Cheslie, a former Miss USA who was serving as a correspondent at Extra at the time of her death.
"There was some speculation that we were trying to push her back into law," David said. "Even up until a few weeks before she passed, I was texting her, saying, 'Here's how many hours I've billed this month,' and [saying] how happy I was for her that she would never have to do that again."
In fact, David said, "I was always saying, 'You're having more impact in your current role than you would going back to law.'"
So, when David saw the chatter about Cheslie's law career, he thought of the individuals sparking those rumors, saying, "You people don't really know."


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Anonymous said...

So sad.

Anonymous said...

Now didnt the mother say her daughter struggled from depression or mental illness!? I guess he feels the need to clear the record or his conscience.. She at rest now

Anonymous said...

Beautiful girl. So so sad. Her real father did say there was some family drama though.

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