Monday, May 23, 2022

Crazed Fan Arrested After Tyler Perry Studios Bomb Threat

A suspect is in custody after threatening to bomb Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta...

From TMZ
In the report, obtained by TMZ, cops say Coles Arrasheed dialed in to the studio's main number back on May 13, and demanded to speak to TP himself -- but the receptionist told him it was impossible, which apparently pissed off this guy to the point he started talking gibberish.
Naturally, the receptionist was freaked out, hung up and even blocked his number. But, according to the report, she discovered he left a voicemail in which he allegedly threatened to blow the place to high heaven. That's what prompted her to call the police.
They eventually tracked down Coles, and he was brought in on a felony charge at Fulton County Jail. He's been released on $5k bond.