Tuesday, May 03, 2022

Jada Pinkett-Smith Difficult to Work With?

Hollywood insiders whisper Jada Pinkett-Smith is impossible to please and becoming more and more difficult to work with...

"Will and Jada previously kept household staff for many years, with no complaints," the source said via the print issue of Us Weekly. "But within the last five years, Jada became extremely demanding, and they cycled through chefs, security guards and trainers."
And though Pinkett Smith may be upsetting those around her, the source alleged she's too focused on her brand to worry about anybody else. "Jada is ferociously ambitious," explained a second source to the publication, "and she's going all out to make her talk show a success."
Continued the source of Red Table Talk: "It's her top priority, and she doesn't have time to be holding Will's hand and acting as his de facto therapist." 
"She expects him to man up, stop moping and pull himself together."