Thursday, May 12, 2022

Kenya Moore and Marc Daly Agree Seal Financial Records

Real Housewives of Atlanta cast mate Kenya Moore and her estranged husband Marc Daly can't agree on much in their bitter divorce battle, but have mutually agreed to seal their financial records...

From Radar Online 

A new court order filed reveals the parties appeared for a hearing last month. The judge said Kenya admitted to not turning over all the documents citing “privacy concerns.”
As a result, Marc and Kenya reached a confidentiality agreement and she will now produce the documents. The development means the two can start having real negotiation talks and try to wrap the divorce up.
In the divorce, Marc said he believes he’s owed a cut of the home they shared during their marriage — owned by Kenya. All signs point to her gearing up for a battle over that request. He also demanded she covers his legal bills.
The case is still pending in Georgia with both still legally married to the other.


Anonymous said...

Oh, wow... he's a jerk

The King Of The Real said...

he wants to get paid

Anonymous said...

Marc bitch ass, he sooo could of had a seat at that lunch, that very good looking group of men had the other night of RHOA. But no, instead of forcing himself to fall for his wife he choose to fight and humiliate her, Now he hanging on the the woman pool. I mean damn. He need to find out what Nene doing since he so loyal to her.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Team no one. Kenya Moore definitely met her match. It's hard to have empathy knowing her backstory because she can be so vile to people who don't deserve it. She seems bitter with just a bit of happiness in her life and that comes from her daughter.

Anonymous said...

May she get all she gave.

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