Friday, May 06, 2022

Ray J Says He Would Still Be With Kim Kardashian if She Wasn't a Thief

Back in 2008 Kim Kardashian and her siblings were famously caught stealing over $100,000 from R&B singer Brandy while Kim was employed as Brandy's stylist [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Ray J says if weren't for the stealing, he and Kim might still be together...

Referring to a lawsuit filed against Kim and Khloe in 2008 over allegations that they stole money from his mother Sonja Norwood, Ray J added: ‘Apart from them stealing money from my family, we would probably still be together now.
‘But when that happened, I said I don’t want to be sleeping around with you no more – you stole money from my family. So that’s why we stopped speaking.’
The lawsuit, which accused the Kardashian sisters of racking up a $120,000 bill on Norwood’s AMEX credit card, was eventually settled out of court – but not before they were forced to admit using the money to stock their stores DASH and Smooch.