Sunday, May 08, 2022

Young Joc Arrested on Child Neglect Charges

Atlanta rapper Young Joc arrested for child abandonment...

According to reports, the "It's Goin' Down" rapper was arrested Thursday and charged with misdemeanor Child Abandonment. 
Jail records show the 38-year-old rapper and father of 9 was released after posting a $1,300 bond.


Anonymous said...

Never could quite understand why men wouldn't just get the snip if they don't want kids as many of them don't want to. At least their risky behavior nutting in hoes out of wedlock wouldn't come with the extra responsibility of raising children for 18 years and being a decent human to their adult children.

4 baby mommas and 8 children, smh. That sounds like a chronic issue. Ladies, don't let this kind of nigga happen to you.

Anonymous said...

I mean his oldest son called his ass out on national tv about how he wasn’t shit as a father

Anonymous said...

I need more details, like did he leave his kids alone in the house or something? This write up doesn't tell me sh!t.

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