Wednesday, June 01, 2022

DL Hughley Gives the Final Word on Monique Drama

Over the Memorial Day weekend Mo'Nique went off on DL Hughley from the stage in Detroit after complaining that SHE was the headliner and should have gone on last [click here if you missed that].

DL explains what REALLY happened...

Yesterday during a segment on his radio show, DL claims Mo'Nique showed up late to the venue on purpose in an effort to subvert the comedy show line-up and when that didn't work, she went off. DL says he never saw Mo'Nique that day and she never expressed her displeasure with the line-up with him. 

DL also called out Mo'Nique for referring to her husband/manager as, 'Daddy,' when she's the one who pays him, saying that makes him her son. Finally DL blasted Mo'Nique for her disingenuous claims of being disruptive for 'her people.'