Wednesday, June 08, 2022

Nicci Gilbert Gloats Over P-Valley Ratings Slide

For two years R&B singer Nicci Gilbert has been fighting a copyright battle over intellectual property after accusing the creators of P-Valley of stealing the concept of her 2011 stage play, 'Soul Kittens Caberet [click here if you missed that].' 

This season the P-Valley totally changed direction the ratings took a hit...



The King Of The Real said...

OKAYYYY. Keep at them

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the first episode of the second season. The character development is real. Hailey and Andre almost kissing was sexy AF. Uncle Clifford is not playing with the new mayor and I feel like he and lil Murdah will reunite and have a blazing relationship. I am lost with Keyshaun and her husband - is he racist or nah? Diamond did a perfect job of expressing his loss of love of Keyshaun - that was sad to watch her walk away. Pastor Woodbine - only God knows what diabolical mess she has planned. That COVID parking lot healing church was not right. And I need to know everything going on with Mercedes and her daughter. Let it be, Ms Gilbert. Take another one of your ideas and develop that. God knows your talent and will bring everytbi g to Light

Anonymous said...

I watched most of nickis video it’s long af.
It did have many similarities.
I can see it being the basis of the show.

As far as the episode. It was lackluster.
Most season openers give something to look forward to. This one did not.
I really wanna say it was fantastic but I can’t.
So far the two year wait feels like time wasted.
Hopefully it gets better quick or attention will be lost

Hey Rain Drops
I know you see me 😘

Anonymous said...

The show is still good but with as long of a break as they took? It’s no wonder. I forgot it came back on for a minute

Anonymous said...

Loved your view on PValley @2:59. Fuck Keyshawn for pulling out a gun on Diamond, I hope they give him a new love interest. Woodbine is a hot mess lol. As far as Ms. Gilbert is concern....I don't care about her hate for the show.

Anonymous said...

It was the first episode of the second season, which was delayed due to covid. Of course the ratings were lower. Give it a few episodes to pick back up again.

As for the litigation, get your day in court and keep it off social media. Everything on social media can be held against you at a later date.

Anonymous said...

Nicci's goofy looking bad built ass is weird AF.

Anonymous said...

It's always tough when the show be gone for so long and then come back. I watched the s2 premiere and was disappointed. I know the season just started, but nah, something is off.

Anonymous said...

Alright damn! Girl stop stalking this show and go handle your biz in court. Let us viewers enjoy the show in peace, in case you do win, and the outcome is cancellation.

Anonymous said...

Ding dong. Ding dong.

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