Thursday, June 30, 2022

Nipsey Hussle Murder Suspect Stabbed in Prison

This week the Nipsey Hussle murder trial was delayed after the suspect, Eric Holder, was assaulted in jail [click here if you missed that]. 

Apparently Holder was stabbed during the prison fight... 

The man charged with the killing of rapper Nipsey Hussle was assaulted in jail by fellow inmates.
Eric Ronald Holder Jr., appeared in court with swollen eyes and three staples closing a wound in the back of his head.
He was punched and cut with a razor by two inmates while waiting in a holding cell to come to court on Tuesday, his attorney Aaron Jansen said. Holder is said to have lost consciousness during the attack.
The attack came as both sides rested their cases on Wednesday in Holder's trial.
Closing arguments are set to begin on Thursday in Holder's trial who is charged with first-degree murder in Hussle's killing and attempted murder in the deaths of two other men struck by gunfire.


Anonymous said...

Gotta cover those tracks.

Anonymous said...

Somebody wants to keep him quiet.

Anonymous said...

IDK he been locked up three years and during his trial week he becomes accessible. Oh ok Justice System.
He is useless now they looking at him like the bird that did alot of people a favor.

Anonymous said...

Every day will be the same for him in prison. What did he really expect to happen, hugs and kisses? Do stupid sh@t and win stupid prizes. Stop playing stupid games, each and everyone of us.

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