Thursday, June 30, 2022

Prosecutor Wants Brittish Williams Jailed for Violating Court Orders

Last year Basketball Wives cast member Brittish Williams was arrested on fraud charges after she was caught using fake social security numbers to obtain loans and lines of credit [click here if you missed that]. 

Now the prosecutor wants Brittish in jail for violating court orders while awaiting trial...

...the government has demanded Williams’ bond be revoked and she be thrown in jail until trial. Prosecutors believe the reality star violated the court order with unauthorized travel.
They claim she admitted to two instances of traveling without approval when an official called her up. The first trip was to Dallas, Texas in December 2021. Williams said she did not ask for permission because the decision was “last minute”, and she did not think permission would be granted if requested.
While on the phone call, Williams admitted she was presently in Houston for a friend’s birthday. “Williams’ reasoning for that unauthorized travel was that she never missed her friend’s birthday,” prosecutors said.
Further, they learned about another trip from Missouri to New York in October 2021 that was not approved. Prosecutors said Williams’ behavior shows “she does not respect the gravity of the Indictment against her, or her bond conditions.”
“Even though [Williams] was given extremely lenient travel conditions, [Williams] still violated these conditions simply because she wanted to,” they said. “Though she claimed the “last minute” trip to Dallas was work-related, her reasoning of not asking permission because she was afraid that authorization would be declined shows [Williams] is willing to violate bond conditions readily, and whenever it suits her, if she believes she will not get caught.”
The motion reveals Williams also had contact with law enforcement in October 2021. The star was involved in a minor motor vehicle accident. However, the government said she did not report the incident to the court as ordered.
Further, the government said they were notified of a new Federal investigation for alleged fraud related to insurance claims.” They claim Williams told police after the October accident that she had no injuries and only minor damage to her car.
However, she submitted a bill to her insurance company for medical treatment totaling $16,206.