Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Bombshell Revelations From R. Kelly's Psych Eval

After being found guilty on sex trafficking charges [click here if you missed that], R&B singer / songwriter R. Kelly voluntarily sat for a psychiatric evaluation in hopes that its findings would help lighten his sentence. 

After the psych eval R. Kelly was sentenced to 30 years in prison...

R. Kelly revealed he had a tryst with a female “prayer warrior” sent to him by his church, Radar has learned. has obtained a bombshell psychiatric evaluation report submitted to the court by Kelly’s lawyer. The singer’s team hired a team of lawyers to interview Kelly and write up their findings to the judge.
In the report, the doctor said Kelly identified as heterosexual during the session. He was adamant of his sexuality despite a male accuser coming forward during his trial.
The disgraced singer spoke extensively about his past serious relationships with women.
The I Believe I Can Fly singer started talking about his ex-wife Andrea “Dre” Kelly who was seven years younger than him.
He said the two met after she auditioned for him and was hired to be his choreographer. “They began a sexual relationship with developed into a dating relationship. He described “feeling more comfortable with her and it wasn’t just sex,” the report stated.
Kelly said he stopped seeing other women. The pair got hitched in 1996 and had three children. The two got divorced in 2009.
He claimed it ended because “Dre wanted to pursue her career in dancing.” Kelly said Dre had “agreed to be a housewife and raise the children prior to the marriage.”
During his session, Kelly told the doctor that he had been estranged from his children for the past several years. Kelly “attributes this to the conflict with Dre and subsequent polarization of the children,” the report said.
Under the section on the report labeled “sexual history,” several paragraphs are redacted. The blacked-out section described some sort of “experience” that happened to the singer before his wedding to Dre in 1996.
The doctor said after the “experience,” Kelly immersed himself in the church. He told Dre they were “not having sex until marriage.” He met with former sexual partners and told them he “found God” and was no longer able to see them,” the doctor said.
He said Kelly abstained from sex for one year. “He began to experience privacy concerns as he noticed that he was being filmed attending religious services,” the report said.
To minimize his public exposure, the church provided him with a female “prayer warrior” who met with him in his home. The unidentified woman and the pastor met with Mr. Kelly regularly in his home.
The report said the female prayer warrior started coming to his home alone. Over time, Kelly said he started noticing her red lipstick and was “drawn to her.”
“He said, “she ended up j------ me off and that’s when I started going backward and feel into it (promiscuity.)


Anonymous said...

Wow.....that was a whole bunch of nothing.

And I thought the Bel Air season finale was a letdown

R in NYC said...

So basically the female prayer warrior started getting freaky with him. This could have been told in one or two sentences. Damn this man could charm the panties off anybody, huh?

Anonymous said...


In his PRIME Kelly was very sexy. He still is attractive just heavier and his skin doesnt glow like it used to. Lol

WhichOne said...

Narcissistic men cannot be held accountable. They're allergic to accountability. He's severely ill and no church is going to send a woman into a man's home , especially when a man has a sex addiction. I call cap on that whole bs story. He is so full of it, lying on his first wife. He hired her as a choreographer and it was a deal breaker that she wanted to continue dancing? He's a controlling crazy who never got help as a child and thinks we all need to accommodate him.

Anonymous said...

Church folks, I tell ya. SMH

Anonymous said...

His first wife was Aaliyah.

Anonymous said...

"no church is going to send a woman into a man's home , especially when a man has a sex addiction."

Eh. I don't know about that one.
It's not completely outside the realm of possibility

Anonymous said...

This is not a sex addiction. He's just a Freak with control issues.

Anonymous said...

Holy Whore... Jesus had one

Anonymous said...

Snitch with the clickbait 🙄

Anonymous said...

I don't put anything past a church when money is involved.

Anonymous said...

Tell it 12:14 this world is created for the whore to prosper. Since the beginning of time.

Anonymous said...

I believe the prayer warrior story..

It’s called paying tithes.

Anonymous said...

A whole lot is missing from that story!!
Talked himself into a longer sentence..

Anonymous said...

Wait for the appeal, it's coming. This is the lead up.

Me said...

956 you are 100% right lol

Anonymous said...

Snitch why you delete my comment? There is a such thing as sacred prostitution...enlighten yourself... These religious freaks do get their freak on in the name of the Lord... You may not like the wording but it doesn't make it a false statement.

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