Thursday, July 28, 2022

Chris Brown Denies Running Off on Houston Hurricane Charity

Last week a Houston construction company owner accused Chris Brown of bailing on her charity event just hours before showtime causing $2 million in losses [click here if you missed that]. 

Not so fast...

From TMZ
We've spoken to sources close to Chris and have seen a letter his legal team allegedly emailed to event organizers on March 17, informing them CB would no longer perform.
The letter states Bryson Tiller, who was also to perform at the event, had been removed from the lineup without a viable replacement, a violation of the contract Chris had in place ... so Chris wasn't going to perform.
The letter appears to have been sent 2 days before the show, not during the sound check ... when Bailey claims she found out. It's unclear if her team knew earlier and just hadn't told her.


R in NYC said...

Bryson Djuan Tiller is an American singer and rapper. Born in Louisville, Kentucky, he began his career in 2011 with a mixtape entitled Killer Instinct Vol. 1. Tiller initially gained mainstream success in 2015 following the release of the single, "Don't", which reached the top 20 on the Billboard Hot 100. Wikipedia

Ok cuz some dude with a hit 7 years ago couldn't perform he didn't want to show up? Alrighty then.

Anonymous said...

Chris could have recommended someone else.

Anonymous said...

He can get on the net and make fun of the crazy fan that shot up the airport, but he can't show up for a benefit to help the underserved. It's more like he couldn't recover from the pipe smoking to perform.

Anonymous said...

So he used a loophole to scam them out of a million dollars. He's a smart crackhead 🤪.

Me said...

1102 lol
305 very

TheBarberLady said...

If there was a contract that set parameters for the lineup and it was not met then he was within his rights to not perform. He shouldn't have to do any of the legwork of the promoters and organizers. People have refused to perform for lesser reasons.
I bet that woman is pissed because there was lots of money to be made. Now she won't get any but I bet she didn't "lose" 2 million. She lost the chance to earn 2 million

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