Monday, July 18, 2022

Craig Robinson Comedy Show Ends in Gunfire

Active shooter interrupts ‘The Office’ actor Craig Robinson’s show at The Comedy Zone in North Carolina...


R in NYC said...

You can't go anywhere and have fun these days without some idiot pulling out a gun.
I'm happy that shooter at the mall in Indiana was stopped and killed by an armed citizen.
This shit is so out of hand.

Anonymous said...

This country is reverting back to the days of Yippee-Ki-Yay. Get your cowboy hat and booted spurs. It's on now.

The King Of The Real said...

Everyone was Kung Fu fighting back in the day. Now its get the strap

Anonymous said...

Been in NC for 4 years now and they definitely cut up. Southern hospitality my ass. At the Millennium tour during Omarion set, some folks in the crowd were throwing down, went to Food Lion to get groceries and had to pull right back out when some rednecks hopped out their pickup truck to go in the store with guns on their person…nope nope nope. The day I moved dude asked if I was leaving soon because he was going to let off a few rounds…right in front of someone’s home! I got the hell up out of there. Came back for the rest of my belongings in the daytime. They are wild out here. I felt safer in NYC lol

Anonymous said...

He’s not funny to me..
I am glad he made it to safety.

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