Thursday, July 07, 2022

Creflo Dollar Reverses Stance on Tithing

Prominent prosperity pastor Creflo Dollar changes his stance on tithing...

In a recent sermon Creflo Dollar tells his flock that tithing is Old Testament law and that the New Testament requires generous giving. So instead of tithing 10% you should generously give 40%, but ultimately how much you give is between you and God. 


Anonymous said...

lmao @ 40%! must be time for a new private jet or a 2023 luxury vehicle?! thus sayeth the pulpit pimp: neither these gas prices nor these economy will persuade him to take his foot off the people's neck or his hand out their pockets!

tithing is indeed "old law," but nowhere in the NT does it specify you should give nearly half your income, either.

he knows that. and he knows despite the fact that most adherents of the prosperity gospel are impoverished themselves, his followers are biblically illiterate & take his word for law.

"will a man rob, god" indeed!

Anonymous said...

also, dollar bill looking a little... sickly these days? is that just old age? all the decades of scamming catching up w/him? or is he gonna go out like eddie longstroke?

The King Of The Real said...

I dont get this. Black people are so slow

Anonymous said...

I am not even mad at these pastors anymore. They cant help it if you morons keep giving them money.

Anonymous said...

Something is up.

COOLKID said...

Dude was/is/always will be a PIMP. Big business in the church game... Reverend Ike showed them the way back in the day. Pimping and Simping ain't easy! But it's easy.

Anonymous said...

He will fall like Eddie Long, and we all will witness it. So says THE MOST HIGH.

Anonymous said...

^^^^ The fact that he is talking about this while today's preachers are preaching you wont be blessed if you don't is actually revolutionary, esp when you factor in he is a millionaire off broke folks back. I commend him though. He is the only preacher I know that preaches from the Bible the entire sermon. These other preachers speak on two versus and then start talking about who and who isn't going to hel. I be over it!

Anonymous said...

Why in the world does he still have followers...they need to question themselves.

Anonymous said...

PPP! I see what you did there! 🤣

R in NYC said...

Fuckin snake in the pulpit! This man ain't nothing but a money grubbing false teacher pimping that prosperity cult doctorine. He's going to the deepest pit of hell..
Td Jakes
Joel Osteen
Pat Robertson
Bishop Eddie Long
Joyce Meyer
Jim Baker
Jimmy Swagger
Oral Roberts
Benny Hinn
Kenneth Copeland
Jerry Falwell
Robert Tilton
Ted Haggard
Etc are all Snakes in the Pulpit!!!!

Don't give your money, every or time to these false prophets, teachers and wolves in sheep's clothing!

Kedarbenjudah said...

I say giveit to him if he can show his congregation every quarter how n=much he is keeping and how much he is spending on scholarships for the youth in his flock to pursue higher education or attend trade schools, if he can disclose how much of it he is spending on community programs to educate and uplift his flock be giving them access to counseling in troubled marriages, family issues and substance abuse issues,mentorships for those among his flock who dont have a male figure in the home, no one questions Jews, Catholics or Muslim organizations for asking because they provide with the money they take in in the form of services for their flocks while in the black churches the only think that seems to happen in most cases is the leadership lives well while the congregation suffers and last but not least the church should know and I feel he has a responsibility to his flock to honestly report his earnings from whatthe curch takes in

Anonymous said...

Now he can go back to using his government name.

Anonymous said...

Lmaoooo still don’t know how anyone let someone named Dollar become a successful prosperity preacher. His name sounds like he should always talk with a toothpick in his mouth

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