Thursday, July 14, 2022

George Foreman Denies Sexual Assault Allegations

Two women have come forward accusing retired boxer George Foreman of sexually abusing them back in the 70s...

From TMZ
...a lawsuit against Foreman is expected to be filed in L.A. this week by two women whose fathers apparently had a friendship and working relationship with Foreman decades ago.
The suit, according to our sources, is expected to allege that Foreman sexually abused the women in the 1970s.

In a statement addressing the claims George Foreman says he's being extorted and vows to defend himself in court. 


Anonymous said...

Oh no! Not George you hoez!!??

Anonymous said...

Strangely, only black men are accused when white men have done worse, and their names never come up. Hunter and Joe Biden are pedos, yet their names never come up.

COOLKID said...

Waiting on the George is a rapist like Cosby comments...

Anonymous said...

Old Hoes need money too. Botox, Butt lift, Dentures, Face Lift, Bunions, Crows Feet, Breast Implants, etc..etc...

sq said...

@1026 is that you jaz?

Gg57 said...

Ummmm White men are accused as well.

James Franco
Harvey Weinstein
Kevin Spacey
Stephen Collins (7th heaven)
Danny Masterson (that 70s show)
Chris Noth (sex and city)
Matt Laurer
Charlie Sheen
Sylvester Stallone

Just because you are an uninformed moron who only reads Mediatakeout and RWS doesnt mean White men arent accused

Anonymous said...

what's up with these 30, 40 year accusations? Why does it take them so long to come forward?

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