Thursday, July 07, 2022

Gunna Denied Bond After Smuggling Incident

Earlier this year Atlanta rappers Gunna and Young Thug were arrested on a wide ranging RICO indictment [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Gunna has been denied bond and will remain in jail until trial after a failed attempt to smuggle in drugs...

The Atlanta rapper known as Gunna will stay in jail after a judge denied him bond Thursday. He’s charged in a major gang indictment.
Prosecutors said Thursday that Gunna is now tied to another incident that occurred at the Fulton County Jail in May.
Prosecutors say a nurse attempted to smuggle in a bag full of marijuana and cocaine on May 14, but when a deputy confronted her, she dropped it and then took off.
In court Thursday, prosecutors claimed that some of the drugs were intended for Gunna — a claim that his attorney calls false.
The judge cited concerns that the Atlanta rapper, whose real name is Sergio Kitchens, might threaten or intimidate witnesses if he were to release him ahead of trial.


Anonymous said...

Detox Nigga!

Anonymous said...

But Free YSL, right? Tuh!

The King Of The Real said...

Dumbass. You really dont learn.

Anonymous said...

DAMN...that's fukd up he can't get released on bond until his defense.

Anonymous said...

Someone is always willing to risk it all for an incarcerated thug. I hope that stupid nurse faces consequences.

Anonymous said...

She's book smart bc she passed the Nursing exam BUT that bitch is street DUMB....She could've easily smuggled legal THC pills & Ritalin. Bitch actually bought trees & powder to a jail.....she's a whole DUMMY

Don't know if she ratted but how TF they know the pkg was for Gunna?!
Let that man out on bail so he can prepare for trial & get his business affairs in order. He's not a flight risk.They do it for YT

Anonymous said...

Dumb and dumber

Anonymous said...

Not worth it.

Anonymous said...

Crazy, I don’t know who 99.9% of these young rappers are until they get killed, assaulted someone, arrested for ish like these two. Seems like there is no hope for a lot of young black men. Really sad.

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