Sunday, July 31, 2022

Jay DaYoungan's Father Speaks Out

Last week Louisiana rapper Jay DaYoungan was shot dead and his father critically injured after getting ambushed by gunmen in front of their house [click here if you missed that].

Jay's father speaks out about the ordeal...

From TMZ
The slain rapper's dad, Kenyatta Scott, tells TMZ ... he and JayDaYoungan were sitting in the front yard of their Louisiana home Wednesday evening when a black truck pulled up and 3 people hopped out with guns.
Scott says he and his son tried running inside the house, but 2 more people with guns approached from the side of the property ... and then shots rang out.
JDY's father says he was armed too and shot back to defend himself and his son. Scott was shot twice in the arm, while JayDaYoungan was struck at least 8 times. Scott remains in the hospital.


Anonymous said...

Gand Gang.

R in NYC said...

These fools out here actin like it's the wild, wild west. Him and son were literally sitting ducks.

Vernell said...

The Sad Part To This Is, That These Shooters Will be the Next Targets, While The Revenge Cycle Will Continue...The Klan Doesn't Have To Do A D@mn Thing, But Watch Them Kill Each Other....

Anonymous said...

It’s a repeat cycle. These young killers are descendants of the foul, Uncle Tom’s and traitors from slavery. The hatred and anger is in their blood.

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