Tuesday, July 12, 2022

Kel Mitchell Blasts Ex Wife in Court

For over a year former child star Kel Mitchell has been dragged on social media by his ex wife, Tyisha Hampton, after she accused him of being a dead beat dad [click here if you missed that]. 

Kel wants a judge to make Tyisha leave him alone...

From Radar Online
In his bombshell court filing, obtained by Radar, Kel told the court, “Tyisha has done everything in her power to drag me through her path of destruction.”
He said his divorce was so devastated he was forced to file for bankruptcy at one point. “I was forced to start over and made an active effort to get my life and affairs in order. I focused on rebuilding my relationships and my career.”
“Despite my best efforts, I’ve still had to spend all these years, and thousands of dollars, to defend myself against her actions,” Kel said. “Tyisha has painted me as a deadbeat father, not only to this courtroom, but to the community, and my entire public platform.”
“This couldn’t be farther from the truth,” he explained. Kel said he has “paid above and beyond what I was ordered to pay in support for our children.” He said when they started driving he bought their cars and then they went to college he covered tuition.
“I kept them out of this litigation the best I could,” he said.
Kel and Tyisha are still fighting over a home in Pasadena. She was awarded the home in the divorce and he wants the original judgment to reflect she received $425k from the home. A judge has yet to rule.