Thursday, July 07, 2022

Nick Cannon Laughs Off Kel Mitchell Claims

This week Nick Cannon became collateral damage in the war between former Nickelodeon child star, Kel Mitchell, and his ex wife, Tyisha Hampton, after Tyisha announced that she once came home to find Nick Cannon on her bed, dressed as a cheerleader, performing cheers for her husband Kel [click here if you missed that]. 

Nick laughs it off... a snarky response posted on social media. 


Anonymous said...

Kel Mitchell’s ex is doing too much. It’s hard to take her seriously because it’s obvious she is bitter. I wish women could move on when it doesn’t work out. Gain self respect. You can make yourself be the better person by actually doing better. All of this bitterness passes on to the kid or children.

R in NYC said...

She needs to build a bridge and get the hell over it.

Anonymous said...

Laughing it off but no denial. Mmmk. Just stop having all those random @ss kids as a front and come on out the closet Nick. We don't believe you. That's all I got!

Anonymous said...

Nick's money is long and can shut her down. She needs to tread lightly.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you've had all that and more up your a55 Nicky baby.

Anonymous said...

Having a bunch of out of wedlock is much worse that being gay.

Anonymous said...

You have to be gay and mad about a man who can get any woman he wants pregnant. Who the f&ck cares if he’s gay at this point. The mothers apparently don’t.
I don’t think he’s gay but let’s go with the fact that if she did see him playing dress up for her husband, her gold digging, bobble head self stayed with him.
I’m so sick of these lazy ass women acting entitled to think the media cares. Get your likes that your seeking and move on to the next D.

Anonymous said...

If he is "hiding his gay" by having multiple children with multiple women outta wedlock...then elon musk is also an undercover gay.
There is an OBVIOUS pattern of these "smart" "powerful" "rich" "successful" "wealthy" "strong" MEN who have no contol over their physical body. So how is it men with no self control are paraded around as the "elite."
Literally the dumbest, weakest willed n!ggas have the greatest success in our society. Also look at bill clinton, puffy, epstein, prince william/andrew, trump. HOW are they SO successful if they literally cant control themselves. I thought success took brains, dedication, committment, grit, sacrifice, determination and resolve? #makeitmakesense

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