Wednesday, July 06, 2022

R. Kelly Taken Off Suicide Watch

Last week R. Kelly sued the Federal Prison in Brooklyn for placing him on suicide watch after he was sentenced to 30 years on sex trafficking charges [click here if you missed that]. 

R. Kelly has been reclassified...

According to reports R. Kelly was removed from suicide watch on Tuesday.

Kellz attorney Tweeted on Friday that placing him on suicide watch was retaliatory. 


Anonymous said...

*yawn* When is his next court date?

Anonymous said...

I'm trying the breakfast at a new spot today, I hope the food is good.

Anonymous said...

Suicide watch for what? He will have a gay ole time in prison. He has all the boy pussy he can get and will be giving free concerts too!

I don't see being locked up as a problem for Robert. Getting turned out by him will be a privilege to other prisoners. He's with the shits and they will enjoy him! This will be his best 30 years. he will have all the time to learn to read and write and will write songs for other artists, as he always has.

Prison is not this man's punishment.

R in NYC said...

So happy he's finally where he belongs. Death and misery to all pedophiles and rapists!

COOLKID said...

Robert Kelly, it is going to be a sad day when "Bubba" sings your lyrics back to you before doing the "do"... "Seven, spread your legs apart/ Eight, feel me, I'm so hard/Nine, see I want you from behind, with that bump and grind!" Good Luck!

Danielle said...

The only reason he's in jail is for not making a sacrifice. He's not going to want to spend 30 years behind bars, 1 of his children will be knocked off soon.

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