Friday, July 22, 2022

Tyra Banks Blindsided by Alfonso Riberio

Last week it was revealed that Tyra Banks was unhappy about Alfonso Ribeiro being brought in as her co-host on Dancing with the Stars [click here if you missed that]. 

Turns out, despite being an executive producer of the show, Tyra wasn't even told about the decision until the deal was done...

“Tyra threatened to quit when she found out about the plans to add a co-host next to her when the show returns. Tyra was livid and feels betrayed — not because the producers clearly have lost faith in her abilities to single handily carry the show, but also because no one had the decency to tell her what was going on until it was a done deal," a source exclusively tells OK!.
Insiders add that Banks isn’t angry with Ribeiro but rather the way it all went down.
“Tyra is supposed to be an executive producer on the show. When she signed up to host, she insisted that she also be a producer to make sure she was sitting at the table where the decisions are made,” adds a pal. “Now it is clear that the title means nothing. They just gave it to her to shut her up. Well, they are messing with the wrong girl.”
The insider divulges that when the model, 48, found out about the plans, she was done, but ultimately, she was convinced to stay. However, it wouldn't be a total shock if she eventually walked away from the ABC series.
“Tyra walks when she is not happy. ABC should know that,” the insider dishes. “When Tyra wasn’t happy with her way her daytime talk show was being produced, she quit. If Tyra doesn’t feel like she is being respected, she is gone.”