Thursday, July 28, 2022

Wendy Williams' Ex Husband Says Producers Did Not Support Wendy's Recovery Efforts

Back in 2019 Wendy Williams checked herself into a sober living house, just weeks after her husband, Kevin Hunter's, affair and secret side baby became public [click here if you missed that]. 

In a recent interview Kevin reveals Debmar-Mercury was not onboard with sending Wendy to rehab despite her obvious substance abuse problem...

Kevin Hunter tells Page Six exclusively that Debmar-Mercury didn’t want to engage in any activity that would take Williams away from her iconic purple chair.
“Debmar would not support Wendy’s recovery efforts with the family,” Hunter says. “They would not sign off on anything that would’ve helped her recovery efforts.”
Hunter, 50, further claims that Williams’ family attended an intervention of sorts with Debmar-Mercury in which he and the group discussed how to further aid Williams in her battle with alcoholism.
“They sat in a meeting with her whole family, including her now-deceased mom, and would not sign off on the recovery efforts that would’ve helped Wendy also get well and live and be sober. They basically said, ‘If you don’t stop drinking, you’re going to lose the show.’”
The intervention took place about a month and a half before Hunter would go on to welcome a child with Sharina Hudson and after Williams worked full-time while living in a sober house. But a source close to the show tells Page Six that Williams was not 100 percent upon departing the facility.
“It’s safe to say that when she came out of the sober house before [she divorced Hunter] that she still wasn’t capable of making all the decisions,” the source says. “She wasn’t capable then, but she was hiding it.”


Anonymous said...

Tell us some Isht we didn't know, Kevin? Wendy sold herself and her soul to this production company who are most likely Jewish owned, who cares not shit about these artist/ entertainers issues. They want content/art and there is a price to pay for this kind of shit that really happens. Why so many actors make their mark and stay far away from Hollywierd/Entertainment industry...SMH. Rest and take care of yourself, Wendy. Sadly her ego will not allow her to do so. If she was smart or if Kevin was a real producer, they should had started giving Sheree her start so that they would've still had producing cred. No one took a page from Master P and Dr. Dre?

Anonymous said...

Damn. Him and her brother are irritating. It be ya own people.

R in NYC said...

Why is this shrimp d**k kneegrow speaking so much lately? We don't need to hear from his adulterous, shady, abusive azz. Where was all that concern for Wendy when he was f***n Sharina, spending Wendy's money on her and making a baby behind her back? Nigga please go somewhere and dissapere for the rest of your life. Yo babymama must be pressuring you to do this. She's counting the days until she takes the kid and leave your azz. She's only with you until the money runs out.

Anonymous said...

Ni**a….you the one that sent her over the edge and then want everyone to clean up the mess. Niggs gone nigg….smh

Anonymous said...

When securing the bag ages you 20 years.

Firstly, if HE divorced her then got a girlfriend, everyone's health would be better in 2022. Heck, his MIL might still be here, even after catching COVID. By being a man first, Wendy may have even granted him a decent alimony/severance payout.

Finally, the entertainment business is cut throat and everyone knows the hand-holding is often reserved for those who can make them stupid money for a long time. Had she been younger, white, and a great interviewer, tptb might work on a solid crisis intervention plan. Otherwise, the only thing that would've saved her is a solid prayer circle made up of people not in the business or with a money agenda.

Wendy knew years ago this fool was no good and playing 1970s pimp games with her head. Only a coke-fried brain would make him an official business partner and an authority of sorts. That VH1 red carpet event she hosted a couple of decades ago told the public everything about this wack pair.

Anonymous said...

He needs to STFU.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how sharina feels knowing that she gave this man so many years of her life (while he was married), gave him a child and finally end up with him in the end just to have to sit back and listen to him talk about the ex-wife all the time.

Anonymous said...

Nasty dude...done been bought annd sold.
When that little money he got from Wendy dries up. That old hoe and his hoe seed gonna leave his ass. Then its straight back to the ghetto Wendy picked him up at. I hope the gossip blogs document each of his tragic missteps so I can laugh at his pain over my morning coffee.

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