Monday, July 25, 2022

Xzibit's Brother Tips Off His Estranged Wife

Earlier this month it was reported that rapper Xzibit was struggling financially and unable to meet his estranged wife's spousal support demands [click here if you missed that]. 

Welp, the wife is claiming Xzibits's own brother told her he has millions of dollars stashed in vaults all over the city...

From TMZ
The former "Pimp My Ride" star's estranged wife, Krista Joiner, claims in new legal docs Xzibit is making it seem like he's fallen on tough times when in reality he's got millions in cash.
In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Krista claims Xzibit's brother told her he takes home over $1 million a month from cannabis companies and stores the cash in multiple locations using bank-sized vaults. She says the bro also told her he personally stored $20 million for Xzibit in various vaults and brings X cash on demand.
Krista, who filed for divorce in February 2021, also says X is lying about her going behind his back to get a new lease on a 2021 Bentley, dragging her feet on the sale of the family home and living in the mansion with her new boyfriend.
She claims Xzibit is full of baloney ... and she's accusing him of trying to sway the court's opinion so he doesn't have to cut her huge monthly checks.
His estranged wife says she's the one having a tough time financially ... claiming she recently lost her job and has no earnings to support herself or their son.
And, get this ... Krista claims Xzibit has been ignoring her requests for gas money, food and haircuts for their son, and says she had to go through attorneys to beg X to pay for their kid's inhalers.