Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Crystal Fires Back at Ne-Yo

This week Ne-Yo downplayed his estranged wife Crystal's cheating allegations with a video posted on Instagram implying she was ungrateful [click here if you missed that]. 

Well, two can play that game...

After Ne-Yo's social media post went viral Crystal shared a video on Instagram of herself all dolled up,  headed out somewhere while listening to the break-up song of the summer, 'F.N.F.' with the infamous lyrics, "Im f-r-e-e fuxk nixxa free! That means I don't have to worry bout a fuxk nixxa cheating..." 


Anonymous said...

Free with a lil sumething left back from that nigga! NO FUXX bout your break up. Shout out to Monyetta for dodging this bullet

Anonymous said...

I love this ratchet ass song it's a bop!

Anonymous said...

^ It is ratchet. I didn't know what she was talking about when I first saw this video. Some of you have daughters and son's that act and talk like this. Pls get off the internet and teach them how to speak English fluently. I guess that's not possible if you can't. The first person to come at me sideways is guilty of the same behavior.

R in NYC said...

Crystal you knew that man was never gonna be faithful. You thought that Hawaiian silky coochie hairs was gonna keep him from straying huh? Girl bye! Neyo likes boys and you like girls. Both of you are bogus.

Anonymous said...

/\. Dayum! The doze of the church is open. You preached a word right there fam.

Anonymous said...

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Ohwell said...

The ghost of Marshonna, this time it Krystal

Anonymous said...

Your ass is ratchet as everyone else, gossiping on this ratchet blog. Sit your pretentious ass down.

Anonymous said...

^ I told you a booger would reply. lol

Anonymous said...

ok, Why did I click on the video.....GOOD GRIEF
These are suppose to be girls???
Is this a transgender video???
These small creatures look like men!!
R they men????
I am dead serious with these questions!

juliya said...

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