Wednesday, August 24, 2022

Jaguar Wright Returns to Social Media

Two years ago R&B singer Jaguar Wright set the Internet on fire after telling tons of alleged music industry secrets [click here if you missed that]. 

Jaguar returns, with more explosive claims...

In a post on Instagram Jaguar shares video of Youtube vlogger Tasha K claiming other Youtube vloggers were actively planning to kill her.


Anon said...

Sad she only known for her chirping and not her music

R in NYC said...

Jaguar dropped those secrets and she's still alive. I really thought she was gonna come up missing.

Anonymous said...

No lawsuits?

Anonymous said...

Mental illness is real. Go find a doctor appointment.

Anonymous said...

Starting with Jaguar and Tasha K, all these people are severely mentally ill. They just ramble about bullsh@t and they live in their own fantasies. Youtube has turned into one big cesspool of clowns and I see a tragedy waiting around the corner. Everybody is beefing, doxing and sneaking around each other. It's sad to watch all the negativity. I remember when Youtube had beefs but eventually the noise would go away but now the beefing goes on & on. Why isn't youtube monitoring and managing this mess?

Anonymous said...

It makes YouTube money just like Facebook with the death videos very disrespectful.

Shafrika Lights said...

Who are these sexually fluid people? Jaguar Wright has proven to be a legend #Respect

Anonymous said...

Love me some Jaguar!
Glad she is well.....I thought someo ne harmed her...glad to see her

Anonymous said...

Let the craziness begin. Introducing Jaguar.

Anonymous said...

Which broke hand sweetness F&gG&T said they was going to end J life?

Anonymous said...

Jaguar said questlove is a trans man and I see no lies.

Anonymous said...

Strome is the one that threaten Wright well at least that is what Tasha said
However, the beef is that Strome is STILL in the Closet and is afraid of his father clearly Strome is NOT ready to STATE FACTS.
Really STROME you NOT jay???
You sound JAY
You ACT Jay when you talking

So if it walks like a duck talks like a duck what is it?

Strome got pissed off that WRight automatically assume that Strome was jay and Jay STrom got nervous that is would get back to his father.

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