Saturday, August 20, 2022

Juan and Robyn Obtain a Marriage License

Earlier this month Real Housewives of Potomac husband Juan Dixon was put on blast by an Instagram model who mocked him for dragging his feet in setting a wedding date, claiming he was too busy 'liking' her pictures [click here if you missed that]. 

In totally unrelated news, Juan and Robyn just obtained a marriage license...

From People
The Real Housewives of Potomac star and the former NBA player, both 43, obtained a marriage license on Thursday afternoon, the Howard County Clerk's Office in Maryland confirmed to PEOPLE exclusively.
It's not known when the couple will be saying "I do." According to Clerk's Office policy, couples with a marriage license must wait at least two days after applying for the license to get married — meaning the Dixons' nuptials could be as soon as this Saturday.
That said, the certificate doesn't expire until February 2023, so they'll have some time should they be planning a fall or winter wedding.


Anonymous said...

She's beautiful but they don't seem to have much chemistry.

Anonymous said...

After they get married (if they do) the marriage will be over in 4,3,2...seconds. He doesn't want her.

Anonymous said...

They are really going to let a IG wannabe dictate their life. Interesting but not really ….

Anonymous said...

Maintaining a spot on RHOP is how they pay their bills. If they have to fake getting married again to keep the checks rolling in, then do it. Better than clipping coupons.

Anonymous said...

Who dese peoples?

R in NYC said...

I stopped watching these reality shows a long time ago. It seems like it's all scripted and fake and people doing the most to have a plot line. Juan wasn't a big star in the NBA so maybe they need the money. I don't understand women who want to be married to men who dodge marriage. That's already a shaky foundation.

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