Friday, August 05, 2022

Kanye West Loses Another Divorce Lawyer

Kanye West has lost his fifth divorce attorney...

From TMZ 
Kim and Kanye had a trial-setting conference Friday in L.A. as part of their divorce. Ye's current divorce attorney, Samantha Spector, had previously asked the judge to relieve her as counsel, saying her relationship with Kanye was irretrievably broken, though she wouldn't say why.
She had a date set next week to officially withdraw, but the judge granted her request Friday, so she's out and Ye is without a lawyer yet again.
What's more, the judge made it clear ... either Kanye gets off the dime and submits his financial declarations to settle the remaining issues, or the case is going to trial in December ... no if, ands or buts.


Unknown said...

Kim & Pete broke up LMAO! I knew, I knew she would leave Pete! Kim knows she needs a black man to stay relevant. Yt men don't give her attention whoring ass the narc high that she needs to survive.

Fuck Kanye for giving that bitch relevancy! And watch he go back to her, too smdh!

Ella M Nopea said...

"What's more, the judge made it clear ... either Kanye gets off the dime and submits his financial declarations to settle the remaining issues, or the case is going to trial in December ... no if, ands or buts"

Is someone afraid that it could come out that he's not a billionaire?.

He can get back with Kim since she broke up with Skete.

Anonymous said...

I don't keep up with this trashy hoe. Skete should be glad he left her. He saved his self from another relapse.

Anonymous said...

It's time for him to go grab the love of his life off the streets. She know she will not make it out here in these white people streets. She can gain some weight back, take off those awful colorful spandex frocks she has going on and get back to putting up with this Nigga and his shit if she wants to stay relevant. period. Plus they have a beautiful family and no one else really wants either one of them.

Gg57 said...


Thats EXACTLY what i said. He is scared the truth is gonna come out.

Me said...

That looks like North & Saint 😂

R in NYC said...

I have enjoyed the slight respite from Koonye and his shenanigans but I have a feeling he's about to rev up again.
He never wanted the divorce, Kim is free, North is drawing demonic pictures....what could possibly go wrong?

Gg57 said...

What did North draw that is considered demonic???

R in NYC said...

Gg57 Sandra Rose posted it on her site.

Anonymous said...


Pics of her idol, Rihanna with demon eyes and other drawings. Kind of dark. Not one pic with bright colors.

Anonymous said...

@9:19 Kim is looking OLD, UGLY AND WASHED UP. Whatever sex appeal she had is gone, she is trying extra extra extra hard. Raggedy ass dried out white wig, tons of filler cant move her face, weird ass body. SMH now she wants to look like Megan Fox after she been trying to look like a thick big booty latina for 10 years.

I dont think niggas is checking for her anymore...she has ran thru the whole industry Im not sure which Alist black man would wife her/be used for publicity by her.

Anonymous said...

Kim's biggest mistake is letting fine ass Reggie Bush get away!! That man is rich, employed, unproblematic (have you ever heard of him getting arrested, using drugs or fighting with people on social media) and oh yeah did I mention he's FINE???!!!

Kim will forever hold that L!

I'm just here so I dont get fined said...

4:17 she definitely fumbled the bag with Reggie

Anonymous said...

Reggie Bush Momma, put the kabosh on Reggie & Kim, right after that Superbowl, when Kim tried to make all New Orleans Saints publicity about her instead of the football game!
Reggie was embarrased and his Teammates were furious!!!
Reggie's Mom, told him, she's gotta go.
A month later it was OVER.
Reggie booted Kim to the curb!

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