Tuesday, August 02, 2022

Mystikal Incident Details Surface

This week rapper Mystikal was arrested on rape charges in Louisiana [click here if you missed that]. 

Details from the incident are chilling...

An arrest warrant detailed the violent assault, which happened Saturday and involved an acquaintance who was visiting Tyler's home in Prairieville. Documents said Tyler accused the woman of stealing $100 cash from him before punching her, choking her, pulling braids out of her hair and taking her keys and phone to prevent her from leaving.
The victim said she began looking all over Tyler's home for the missing money, hoping it would calm him down. During the search, she told deputies she stumbled upon a "crystaline substance" in a drawer, which investigators believe may have been meth.
The woman also described Tyler as going through bizarre mood swings, one moment berating her over the missing money and the next becoming "very apologetic" and asking her to pray with him.
It's at that point Tyler reportedly asked the woman if he could "feel" her. When she refused, the victim was pushed onto a bed and forcibly raped.
After the assault, the report said Tyler again demanded the victim "return" the missing $100 through CashApp and gave the woman her phone so she could pay him. While she was setting up the payment, Tyler allegedly took the phone back, entered the amount of $150 and sent the payment to himself.
After that, he gave the phone back and the woman was finally allowed to leave.
As the victim drove away, she phoned a friend who agreed to meet her at a Baton Rouge hospital. There, a sexual assault kit was performed on the victim and deputies found injuries consistent with her description of the attack.