Friday, September 02, 2022

Alicia Keys Reacts to Crazy Fan Kiss

This week Alicia Keys was accosted by a fan in Vancouver who grabbed her face and planted a kiss on her cheek as she walked through the crowd [click here if you missed that]. 

Alicia was NOT amused...

In a comment left on Instagram Alicia Keys admits she was just as grossed out and upset as everyone else. 


Anonymous said...

"In a comment left on Instagram Alicia Keys admits she was just as grossed out and upset as everyone else. "

She did not admit that. Yall love to put words in folks mouths.....

Anonymous said...

I think Alicia is just like that
Just like she was upset for years for Lil Mama
came up on the stage while she was performing
I get it though
Being talented and a entertaining can be
draining when these celebs give so much of themselves
And phuck that shyt.
That was rude of the fan and disrespectful
Being excited is 1 thing
Touching and feeling on anyone
without their consent or invite is disrepectful
Celeb or not

Anonymous said...

That’s my thought. ‘WTF!!’ Rabid ass fans.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

AK in 4,3,2 ... "I have covid and monkey pox".

Shafrika Lights said...

Comes with the job sweetie. You should be lucky people still like you after 3 to 4 flopped albums. Although I did like "We Got Way Too Much In Commom"

Anonymous said...

Go get tested

Anonymous said...

Shut up! That does not come with the job. Only a entitled idiot would think that’s ok

Unknown said...

Why does this faux outrage remind me of the Boondocks episode with Gangsterlicious lol and he denied being kissed by a man with soft supple lips lmao. C'mon girl, you know you enjoyed that shit lol

Anonymous said...

If it comes with the job don’t be mad when a celebrity gives a fan a gift that keeps on giving and passes it back to others. It comes with the job.

Anonymous said...

She enjoyed that beaver smooch. Alicia probably knew the mystery woman. SMH

Anonymous said...

You’ve definitely had a nasty relationship with a family member to think she enjoyed that.

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