Friday, September 30, 2022

Jesse Williams Seeks Primary Custody After Ex Wife's Instagram Rants

For the past few weeks actor Jesse Williams' ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee had been dragging him for blood and bone in an Instagram series she dubbed "'receipt season" that abruptly ended without reaching its grand finale [click here if you missed that]. 

Now we know why...

From Radar Online  

Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams has rushed back to court demanding his ex-wife Aryn Drake-Lee’s joint custody be reconsidered after she allegedly violated the court order, has learned.
He said Drake-Lee was the one who demanded the provision prohibiting either party from posting pictures of their kids as part of their original settlement. She argued it put the kids at “risk of imminent harm.”
Then, Williams said Drake-Lee violated the court order by posting images of their kids on her public Instagram account and “openly disparaging me claiming I am “abusing, harassing” and “gaslighting.”
Williams said Drake-Lee has been trashing him and encouraging further negative commentary. “Aryn knows full well how closely the press follows our case. I feel that she has made these posts with the express purpose of attempting to negatively impact my image via the press. Not only will our children eventually see these posts,” he wrote. “Aryn’s manic loop of empty allegations, false attacks and illnesses without a single shred of evidence in over 5 years is completely divorced from reality and totally unproductive,” he added.
The actor said he found out about the posts from other parents at their kids’ school. Williams said he has spent his life in service and building a reputation that directly impacts his career.
“I was an employee of Disney for over a decade, just released a studio film for kids and finished production on another film where the two main characters are 9 and 14 year old girls. Messy allegations labeling me with terms like “abuser”/“harasser” - any of these libelous comments, no matter how unfounded, can absolutely negatively impact careers, now more than ever,” he added.
The ruling is pending.