Tuesday, September 06, 2022

Jury Selection Begins for Tim Norman Murder Trial

Two years ago Welcome to Sweetie Pies star Tim Norman was arrested in St. Louis for the murder-for-hire plot to kill his nephew Andre Montgomery [click here if you missed that]. 

The case is finally headed to trial...

Jury selection began today at the federal courthouse in  Downtown St. Louis at 9am with approximately 54 jurors to be interviewed. 

Tim was present for today's proceedings but his mother, Ms. Robbie, was not seen in attendance. 

Jury selection was closed to the public and opening arguments are expected to start tomorrow morning. 

Tim is charged with conspiracy to commission a murder-for-hire that resulted in death.


Anonymous said...

I got my popcorn ready. Some very informative information is coming out.

R in NYC said...

Well it's about time for this idiot to get his comeuppance. Justice for Andre!

Pusspusd said...

Family, wow he puts me in the mind of my very own red eye envious poisonous mother

Vernell said...

Tim Norman is going to trial, he's ready for the games to begin. Tim knows that, He Is GUILTY As SIN... He is Hoping That There Will Be One Dumb Juror To Give Him A Life- Line..... Boy Bye!!!

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