Friday, September 16, 2022

Kanye West Furious Over Kim Kardashian Snub?

Last month when Kim Kardashian broke up with Pete Davidson there were rumors that her ex-husband Kanye West believed it meant they would be getting back together [click here if you missed that].

Now insiders claim Kim refused to even meet with Ye while they were both in New York for fashion week...

From The Sun
A source told The Sun: "He called her up while there suggesting they do dinner - she told him her schedule was full.
"He wouldn't let it up and kept trying for a late night drink.
"That's made him even madder, because she's disrespected him according to his philosophy.
"But she knows it would just be more rants about schools, about the kids using social media.
"There's no point arguing with him."
However, insiders said that Kanye was upset she'd got the invite to Beyonce's party - even though he fell out with the Halo songstress' husband Jay Z years ago.
"It was Kim & Khloe attending Beyonce's Birthday bash, and not Kanye - which really rubbed the rapper up the wrong way," they said.
"There's been a lot of angry messages to Beyonce and Kim, and Jay-Z too."


Anonymous said...

Another day another Kayne post. All these things are "alleged" and I blame the Kardashian Klan for putting out this mindless mess.

Kris "team" always has a way of making her female offspring appear so coveted and the men in their lives look like lost puppies...I don't blame Snitch, but I blame media outlets like TMZ for endorsing these stories from a "close source."

They been playing this media fake-out game for far too long and I'm glad ppl like Ray J and Blac Chyna are applying some pressure.

Ella M Nopea said...

I did find it strange that the Kardashians were at the party and not Ye or Bey.

I see he didn't run to IG posting messages to Bey and Jay about the snub... he's not crazy. He just knows how to get attention when he's selling something.

I saw Kim posing with Hillary and Chelsea so he'll probably be ranting soon.

Ella M Nopea said...

And if Beyonce was at Beyonce party why are there no pictures of her?

Anonymous said...

^^^i too thought it was strange the Kim & Kloe were there & not Ye....OFCOURSE he was pissy about that. Cuz he's YE and How DARE Beys team not send him an invite!!! LOL That n66a feeling used now like she wasn't using him from the get. She got what she needed from you. Now carry on! Clearly the K Klan only got 2 invites.....
Ironically now its like he's trying to use her to puff himself up some more. Like me & my WIFE having dinner together...Ye ain't never gonna speak iLL Jay or his wife in public again. The last time didn't work out so well. The moment he talks shit publicly about the Carters will be the moment when he's at the very end of that crazy spiral.....Ye just wannabe accepted by them YT ppl and his big brother....FKN Jekyll & Hyde azz

Anonymous said...

@Ella No Cameras that night not evevef or Bey..I think there was an ND cuz nonbody released any pics until a couple days ago.
I actually like it..Go back to the old days when mf's just came to get fucked up & party without that social media & paparazzi shit!

Sunno said...


Dee said...

@1:25 Come thru tonight. I only kick it with a tight crew... on the low, a remote location. I don't want them see me gettin faded 😎

Anonymous said...

He brought Kim into BeyoncĂ©’s life so oh well. Plus Tina and Kris are associates so BeyoncĂ© extended the olive branch. But who wanted Kanye ass at their party as crazy as he been acting lately? He don’t need to party, he needs to take his meds.

Anonymous said...

How the mighty have fallen. Now that Kim is a billionaire she's good enough for Beyonce!? What happened to boycotting the wedding because Bey didn't like Kim? What happened to Beys daughter can never play with North? Beyonce will hitch her wagon to any ass wagging. She now looks like the old Khloe face.

Anonymous said...

^^^Not many celebs attended that wedding bcuz whatever TF network that reality show on was filming......That cost

Anonymous said...

Oh i know what i wanna do — hang out with my tormentor. Like why is he surprised??

Anonymous said...

Kim K. is onto the NEXT ONE! And I promise you he will not be a black man either. smh

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