Thursday, September 29, 2022

NeNe Leakes Sued by Photographer for Non-Payment

Last month NeNe Leakes dropped her racial discrimination lawsuit against Bravo after accusing them of forcing her out of the Real Housewives of Atlanta [click here if you missed that]. 

Now NeNe is dealing with another lawsuit, but this time she's the one being sued...

According to court documents obtained by, the company Photography By Ace, LLC filed a statement of claim against NeNe (real name: Linnethia Leakes) and her business, The Linnethia Lounge, in Gwinnett County Court.
In the legal paperwork, Photography by Ace said NeNe and her club had invoiced — along with sent reminders — in an attempt to collect payment for work done.
The company said it had contacted the defendants on multiple occasions via email requesting payment to be made. Photography by Ace said NeNe has been refusing payment and “no longer is communicating on this matter.”
The company said NeNe claimed the photographer had never worked for her or her lounge and that she has never paid me in the past for my services. The photographer wrote in her filing, “I have complete invoices that show otherwise.”
The photographer attached two invoices that were addressed to NeNe. The first invoice was for $500 and listed work done on October 30 and 31, 2021 for a brunch and a Falcons Halloween party.
The second invoice was for work done on November 12 and 13, 2021. The total was $500.
The case was filed on July 7 and NeNe was served with the legal documents days later. The process server said they waited for the ex-Bravo star when she returned home to her $1.8 million condo — which she purchased two months after her husband Gregg’s death.
The server said they approached NeNe as she exited her Blue 2020 Rolls Royce. “I delivered the documents to Linnethia Leakes with identity confirmed by subject saying yes when named. The individual accepted service with direct delivery.”


Anonymous said...

That sucks! Independent workers depend on them jobs...You gotta demand at least a 50% deposit & dont release the goods until the balance is paid. ION give AF who they are.....CASH APP, Apple Pay, Zelle its too many instant payment apps for this type shit.
That ugly b*tch gonna hit the ground hard!

Anonymous said...

How many people rich or poor are known for not paying their bills? Too many to mention. This is nothing new.

Anonymous said...

She can easily pay that though. That’s nothing for her considering she just bought that condo around that time. She brags about having this and that so much.

Anonymous said...

Nene needs a job. Boy karma can come for you when your all cocky and ish. Where is the African man that's been knocking her boots before Gregg was cold in his grave?

The King Of The Real said...

Its funny She dropped the lawsuit. Getting nothing, now in court.

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