Wednesday, September 21, 2022

PNB Rock Murder May Not Have Been Random

Last week Philly rapper PNB Rock was shot and killed during a robbery inside an LA restaurant just minutes after he and his girlfriend shared their location online [click here if you missed that]. 

Now LAPD suspect Rock may have been targeted...

From TMZ
LAPD sources tell us the case is moving in several concurrent directions -- and one involves detectives digging into the late rapper's personal life ... especially when it comes to who he rubbed elbows with -- or possibly butted heads with -- resulting in would-be beefs.
We're told investigators are especially interested in his ties to Atlanta -- where he apparently spent quite a bit of time -- as well as his home city of Philly ... and they're asking any and everybody if PnB had known enemies who might've had it out for him.
PnB's lyrics are also under a microscope at the moment, with cops wanting to see if he referenced any feuds he might've had with any of his peers and/or other individuals.
This is an interesting development. Cops initially thought it was a fatal robbery -- in which random thieves came across PnB and/or his girlfriend's social media, saw what they were up to, and went on the attack. But why then didn't they just snatch his chains and leave, rather than shooting him multiple times and killing him?
Cops now believe this could've been a more elaborate scheme by someone with a vendetta.


Anonymous said...

Gang Gang.

Anonymous said...

Just looking at him; he doesn't seem like he was about that life...heard an interview and it's like he tried too hard to be gangster...just not in peace.

Anonymous said...

No sh@t! Duh!

Anonymous said...

Whatever, he's not coming back.

Anonymous said...

Him being the 6th Empire artist to be murdered in the last 4yrs should peek someone's interest. Worth more dead than alive.
RIP XXXTENTACION, King Von, Young Dolph, Drakeo The Ruler & MO3.

Anonymous said...

And Kendrick recently signed to that label

Anonymous said...

The record label takes out life insurance policies on their artists. When they die young, the label makes money from their music and their death.

Anonymous said...

Warrior Witch
Correction: PNB actually posted his location first.

J.Swindell said...

@1:06 I believe that fact alone is worth researching. After Death Rows time in the limelight, LAPD should know record company execs/owners are the biggest gangsters.

Anonymous said...

@1:06 PM SAY IT LOUDER FOR THE PPL IN THE BACK!!! Bushwick Bill was complaining about record labels taking life insurance policies out on artist since 1998. Somebody better investigate the Empire Music Distribution CEO, Ghazi Shami to see if he cashed out on XXXTENTACION, King Von, Young Dolph, Drakeo The Ruler, MO3, or PNB life insurance policies.

But LAPD also investigated the murder of Biggie Smalls and ya'll see how that went.

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