Monday, September 12, 2022

Pras to Blame for Fugees Reunion Tour Cancelation?

Back in January iconic rap group The Fugees canceled the reunion tour celebrating 25 years since their last album, blaming the Covid pandemic [click here if you missed that]. 

Turns out Covid had nothing to do with it...

According to reports the REAL reason the tour was scrapped is because of Pras' involvement in the Malaysian bond scandal. 

The world tour was set to kick off in Chicago November 2 but Pras is due in court in DC on Nov 4 and is facing up to 20 years in prison if convicted. 

If you recall, Pras and Kimora Lee Simmons' ex-husband Tim Liesner were both indicted in conjunction with Malaysian businessman Jho Low in a billion dollar bond scandal that crashed the Malaysian economy [click here if you missed that]. 

Tim Liesner plead guilty and was ordered to pay $43 million in restitution but received no jail time in exchange for cooperating with the investigation [click here if you missed that].

Fugitve Jho Low is still on the run


Anonymous said...

Fu who?

Anonymous said...

They weren't going to show up on time anyway.

R in NYC said...
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R in NYC said...

They know that Jho Low guy is hiding in Macau. China is denying it and protecting him. Too bad Pras got caught up in that mess.

Anonymous said...

Let it go.

Anonymous said...

11:41 You meant Lauryn. She’s never on time for her shows.

Kedarbenjudah said...

Hate to say it but....first let me say that I hate to see another one crash and burn after the peak of his fame and earning season passes JaRule got caguht up and is doing good backout on the road Lil Wayne don't count he just got a smack on the wrist for having the palm justice on him but monetarily and sitting in a position befitting all the years he spent building for hip hop & The Boot & honestly I think them Yt's called them people on him to get leverage on him and force a sell of his catalogue n return for making that last gun charge go away but he did get a sh!t load of paper for it now he can be a executive with out slim and baby pencil whipping him out of all the
profits that right fully belong to him....but I digress Pras is about to get cooked not only is Kimora's ex going to tell it all to keep his get out of jail free card valid but he probably gone lie at the direction of them people to let them have Pars blk as$ out to dry somebody finna make a career off this one prosecutor somewhere ordering extra stripes to be sown on at a latter date lol and you know that shady ass multiple wife having scamming lying scum bag gettin ready to say and do whatever they ask him to do so he ain't gotta see no more heat moral to the story crimies pos to be road dogs, day ones so you know exactly who and what they are and what they made out ofthe last thing you do is get blinded by dollar signs by a career snake oil salesmen and get in the mix with him he gone do what he do look out for his self and screw everybody else guarantee if the sh!t woulda worked Pras woulda got nothing and if he did see anything it wasn't going to be whatever he was promised to get him on board

Anonymous said...

Saw the other 2 in New Orleans at Essence...they were perfectly fine without Pras. I can't even tell which verses he actually raps..oh well.

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