Thursday, September 29, 2022

R.I.P. Coolio

Gangsta's Paradise rapper Coolio has died...

From TMZ
Coolio died Wednesday in Los Angeles ... TMZ has learned.
Coolio's longtime manager, Jarez, says Coolio went to the bathroom at his friend's house, but when he didn't come after a while ... the friend kept calling for him, and eventually went in and found Coolio laying on the floor.
We're told the friend called EMTs, who arrived and pronounced Coolio dead on the scene -- and Jarez tells us the paramedics suspect he suffered cardiac arrest. An official cause of death has not been determined.
He was 59


Unknown said...

So much death lately. I pray that we all strive to be more gentler with one another, so that we can all survive this pandemic together and mentally intact.


Anonymous said...

Woah. Grew up with that song as a child. It was a massive hit.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if it was an OD? He once had a horrible addiction to the white stuff. RIP Coolio.

Anonymous said...

he still rocked those god awful braids 30 years after the fact. That always bothered me. A grandfather looking ridiculous. Men over 40, the braids and struggle locs are not for you.

Anonymous said...

Who's ready for more shots

R in NYC said...

Something ain't right with all these rappers dying in their 50s.

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