Thursday, September 15, 2022

Siblings Demand Public Apology From Tiffany Haddish

Last month fans were shocked after a pair of siblings filed a lawsuit against comedians Tiffany Haddish and Aries Spears for using them in a sexually charged comedy skit when they were under age [click here if you missed that]. 

Now the siblings are demanding a public apology from Tiffany Haddish for calling their accusations a 'shake down...' 

According to court documents obtained by, the alleged victims — siblings who used the pseudonym John and Jane to file their lawsuit — said they have attempted to reach out to Haddish and Spears’ team but have not heard back.
They claimed the defendants “have instead chosen to reach out to my mother to get her to force my brother and me to settle.”
“My brother and I are amenable to Plaintiff Haddish’s desire to engage in mediation/settlement talks,” Jane said. She claimed to have reached out to Haddish’ lawyer Clifton Albright that “laid out basic terms of the parties to engage in mediation/settlement talks.”
She said the mediation would have to be paid by Haddish and “must take place in Las Vegas within the next two weeks.”
Jane said “if we succeed in agreeing to a settlement” she was willing to put out a joint statement with Haddish where “we state that the parties have agreed to a private settlement, and Haddish must publicly apologize for her role in the skits.”
Further, she wants Haddish to recant her shakedown statement directed “towards our mother, and state she never intended to harm my brother, mother and me.”
Haddish has yet to respond in court.


Anonymous said...

But they received a settlement so it is a shake down. What? You got your money. No go away with the faux victim mentality. Everyone is paid and I don’t want to hear of this anymore. Now people know to keep their kids in their company and don’t trust strangers with their well-being.
Next time we hear of this with anyone else I know money motivated the whole thing.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Is that you Aries?
There shady ass mama probably settled and didn't give them a dime while they are still traumatised. Those videos were completely inappropriate and not funny one bit. I'd be suing too. You can call it whst you want. But I would make sure I at least get my college fund out.of this fuckery.

Anonymous said...

@10:11, It's not a legally recognized settlement if it was not court ordered. Also, the kids didn't recieve it in a trust and therefore it doesn't count even if the mom did get it. She can't determine what's an acceptable amount because she wasn't the victim and the judge was not involved. Furthermore, your post is pretty awful.

mil262 said...

Someone told me that the mother of the two defendants used to be friends with Tiffany and she put everything in motion because she wanted Tiffany to help her get into show business.

Anonymous said...

They are receiving a payout. Good for them. Who cares what the amount is, college fund or whatever. This is the outcome they wanted as well as an apology. Ok. Move on.

Anonymous said...

Yawn. Not this shit again.

Anonymous said...

Allegedly, Tiffany and the mother were friends. That means that if a parent leaves their child(ren) in your custody that you do not abuse your authority. That's how a good and true friend would handle the responsibility of a custodian of minor age children. What Tiffany is alleged to have done is stupid and she knows it. Let the chips fall where they may.

Anonymous said...

Tiffany proved she’s a lousy friend. Now what. We gone run this into the ground like it’s not a surprise since the whole BeyoncĂ© thing with Sanaa.

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