Thursday, October 13, 2022

50 Cent's Son Reaches Out to Him Again

Last week rapper 50 Cent's estranged adult son, Marquise Jackson, went viral after branding 50 a horrible father and claiming $6,700 a month was not enough child support to raise him properly [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Marquise is willing to have a sit down with 50, no strings attached...

In an interview with TMZ Marquise insists he does not want money from his father, he just wants to talk and come to an understanding.

As for his response 50 shared a scene from his hit show 'Power' on Instagram where his character kills his own son with the caption, "No caption needed."

Fun Fact: 50 Cent disowned Marquise nine years ago after the then 16-year-old refused to open the door for a custody visit, then leaked text messages of 50 cursing him out about it and then went on stage to take pictures with his father's sworn enemies [click here here and here if you missed that].