Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Cardi B and Nicki Minaj Low Key Fire Shots at Each Other

This week City Girl's rapper JT became the second recording artist from the Nicki Minaj Super Freaky Girl remix to attack Cardi B, seemingly on Nicki's orders [click here if you missed that]. 

Did Nicki just confirm the rumors...? 

Who knows for sure but Nicki did change her profile pic to JT 

Not long after Cardi changed her profile pic to Remy Ma, who famously dragged Nicki on the Shether diss track [click here if you missed that]. 

Adding fuel to fire Cardi also reblogged a picture from Nicki's husband's ex-girlfriend Redbone Noe


Anonymous said...

Don't these two chickens got kids to raise?

WhichOne said...

Nicki is so needy. She needs beef with other women to promote her song. It's really tired. Remy really did go all the way on Nicki and Shether said it all.

Rainy Dayz said...

Chile I’m so rude of this lump booty woman Icki
ShEther is a historical moment in hip hop
Remy changed the trajectory of female rap
Remy deserves her flowers

Anonymous said...

Exactly where are the kids? Give the nanny a day off and take care of your kid and get off social media. Bumba. I was off Nicki when she was so rude to Mariah on Idol. She has no respect. And her brothers mess with his step daughter also turned me off her. Sorry Nicki I’m team Cardi on this one.

Anonymous said...

Shether was a masterpiece. I'm disappointed that JT fell for the bait because City Girls were neutral. I hope Diddy dead the City Girls x Cardi beef. Fuck Nikki toxic ass. Nikki STILL HASN'T HAD A #1 HIT

Lynny said...

10:07 she did change the trajectory and all these girls should thank Remy. It was a huge moment in time and prior to that Nicki was making sure no one else came in. After Remy, Cardi kicked in the door and it was an onslaught of female rappers. That is the TRUTH. And yes Nick is extremely rude nasty and disrespectful to EVERYONE who don’t kiss her lumpy disgusting ass.

Anonymous said...

All this for an theiven hooker that paid grown men to beat up a girl her hubby was smashing. We are truly lost as a people.

Anonymous said...

Cardi is the only one to out Petty Ms. Petty.

Anonymous said...

Can they just get in the ring already? These 2 need to do a charity boxing match and be done with all the back and forth. Cardi has to do community service...would this count?

Anonymous said...

@1:29pm You are absolutely correct. This platform is pro Cardi. A no talent imitation Black woman that was promoted by a corporate machine to dumb down Black people. Black women cape for her when she was anti-Black women until she was exposed.

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