Friday, October 14, 2022

Chase Bank Cut Ties with Kanye West Before Anti-Semetic Comments

This week it was reported that Kanye West had been kicked out of Chase Bank in the wake of making a series of anti Semitic comments, including a Tweet that he was about to go 'Death Con 3' on the Jews [click here and here if you missed that]. 

Turns out Kanye had been kicked out of Chase long before his incendiary social media posts...

According to reports the notice that Chase was terminating their banking relationship with Yeezy brand was sent on September 20 after Kanye announced on CNBC that he was moving his money to Bank of America because of Chase's relationship with Gap and Adidas, nearly two weeks before Ye debuted his infamous White Lives Matter t-shirts for Paris Fashion Week [click here if you missed that]. 

Meanwhile Kanye stands by his comments and has promised to explain everything soon. 


Anonymous said...

Who cares… can’t say the J word, or have an opinion on the matter so why keep posting this. Just play it safe snitch.
Post about the media blackout on the race war in LA between blacks & the racist messicans. Or about the racist LA councilwoman Nury Martinez.

Anonymous said...

He said he was going, Chase said here you go, don’t let the door hit you where the good lord split you.He is clearly coherent in his rants. They are methodical and well planned. He’s not in a manic state when he does them but before he would claim crazy and they would give him a pass. People are starting to see Kanye for what he truly is. He already showed in those texts to Diddy when he said ‘nothing gets in the way of him and his money”. That’s all he cares about is money and whatever else feeds his massive ego. I was through with him when he said slavery was a choice. The white lives matter shirt and fashion show along with Tucker Carson was just a stunt Queen being a stunt Queen, He’s dead in the eyes, like pitch black demonic soulless eyes. The elites are sick of his ranting and raving because he can’t get his way. His tantrums are more legendary than his career. Candace is going to help kill the rest of his career to prop off hers. And he deserves every bit of it. The ancestors moving slowly but surely, he truly is a “new slave”.

Anonymous said...

You can say Jew if you want to. They just know how to act unilaterally when you slander or denigrate them. We need to develop that same skill.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So tired of this stupid looking, slack jawed, self hating buffoon. Take your money to another bank and keep moving because Chase clearly doesn't need or want your business.

Anonymous said...

I agree 5:22 but I've come to the conclusion he's just playing crazy. He gets richer every time he does this, he trends, he dominates the news cycle, he gets to publicly keep dragging his baby momma, he gets all his friends to check on him and baby his ego and he gets no consequences because he's having an episode...Britney got locked up for a whole lot less. He's playing everybody, he's a silly little insecure stunt queen. I bet he cross dresses in private. He needs to come out the closet.

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