Thursday, October 27, 2022

Kanye West Turned Away From Skechers Headquarters

This week Adidas cut ties with Kanye West after he made a series antisemitic comments on social media and in interviews [click here if you missed that]. 

Yesterday Ye was turned away from the Skechers headquarters in LA after showing up unannounced looking for a new distributor for his shoes...

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, was escorted out of the Los Angeles office of shoemaker Skechers , the company said Wednesday afternoon, as the fallen rapper and fashion mogul continues to face fallout from his recent antisemitic remarks.
Ye showed up unannounced and was escorted out of the building by two executives, the company said. Ye has officially changed his name from Kanye West.
“Skechers is not considering and has no intention of working with West. We condemn his recent divisive remarks and do not tolerate antisemitism or any other form of hate speech,” the company said in a statement. “The Company would like to again stress that West showed up unannounced and uninvited to Skechers corporate offices.”


Anonymous said...

Everyone is turning him away. His conservative white associates as well as his conservative Black associates. Even his baby mama has finally turned her back on him after she consulted with Ivanka Trump.

I thought he would give up his pride before giving up his money and go on an apology tour like Nick Cannon. Guess I was wrong.

Chelle said...

Bye Kanye. Don't come back to us. Stay right over there

R in NYC said...

Just proves he's manic and impulsive. Sketchers is a Jewish owned company so he was stupid for even showing up.

Anonymous said...

Ye is about to find out that he's still a black man. I know he's been in a white woman but he came out of a black woman. And the sad part I don't think no one feels sorry for him.

Anonymous said...

He got that "alleged" Gucci clone "look" going on the lower part of his face, lol
But serious, are we absolutely sure this is the original Kanye?
It's too much going on. Kanye sold out a long time ago. What people think that is bosses" would not have penalized him after the 1st 3 outbursts?
Ain't NO black man in hollyweird that powerful
Michael Jackson and Prince was very educated and moved with eloquency, and they couldn't move like this. And bets to believe it Kanye was to go to therapy or seek mental help, it would be another Britney Spears alleged story
Even though it was picked up how they did her, at least her baby father, could somewhat help with the kids
But this ninja got NO one to hold him down and they are now turning the public and what little fans he had TOTALLY against him
Maybe the K's want to make sure the alleged insurance policy is air tight cus this is too much going on and he seem to be shoved in our faces
I don't dislike Kanye but I'm tired of all these back tobackstories in the media

Anonymous said...

^^ please excuse typo errors
*What make people think that his bosses

*Even though it was phucked up how they did Britney
*Back to back stories in media

Unknown said...

Ye has got to be embarrassed lmao smdh! He's such an arrogant idiot smdh! Does he really think that he can espouse antisemitic, anti black, and yt supremacist views and still get companies to collaborate with him? The delusion is real lol smh. I hope Ye is cancelled indefinitely. I don't care that it took the antisemitism to finalize his cancellation. In fact, it's black men who should feel shame that another group came together in business and decided that they would rather lose $250 million+ in sales than collaborate with Ye. It makes you think about when Jay Z sided with Barney's over the discrimination cases; or when Jay Z sided with the NFL over the Kaepernick kneeling issues. We (black ppl) can't get mad when other groups refuse to tolerate disrespect from black ppl. Maybe if black men valued something other than exotic pussy and weed they'd own more than the Jews that they claim are plotting against them smdh.

Anonymous said...

This is a suicide waiting to happen.

Anonymous said...

True Billionaires create their own lanes. They don't run back to massa looking for a handout. He's a sucker in the highest regard.

Anonymous said...

Y’all are some fools. This is a clear stunt for attention, Koonye ain’t trying to get no deal with Skechers. He’s going the full attention marketing gambit.

Anonymous said...

9:00 AM, I hope so.

Anonymous said...

"I've done made more millionaires than the lotto did
Dame made millions, Biggs made millions
Ye made millions, Just made millions
Lyor made millions, Cam made millions
Beans'a tell you if he wasn't in his feelings" ~ Jay Z

Anonymous said...

@9:33 I don't like Ye and his antics but don't wish him dead cause that stuff comes back. Suicide is no laughing matter.

Anonymous said...

@9:30. Speak for your foolish self.
On God! I have zero sympathy for Kanye. He's been diagnosed as bipolar & using that as an excuse for his d*ck head behavior. His obsessed fans & industry d*ck riders made him feel God-like (yeezus) & the stupidity of this environment got him feeling like he can Do Anything without consequences .You got d*ck riders socials talm'bout "this was his plan to get out of his deals" like how fkn stupid can one be to worship a man that you don't draw a line of moral standards?! Fkn "simpletons".
The fact the he popped up at Robert Greenberg's office unannounced is proof that this n66a is simply running in circles like a fkn hamster. Aint no fkn plan. People dont know sh*t about licensing deals really believing that billionaire status that Kanye always touting. He was counting his money before he got them checks. His ACTIONS fuk'd all that up.
Kanye makes billionaire status looks chaotic. We've NEVER seen him on vacation enjoying the fruits of life. Too bad he's incapable of being fkn CHILL...N66a stay on 10 unnecessarily.
He gets what he gets. ION give AF what happens to Kanye...I've seen enough!

Anonymous said...

When ALL them doors are locked. This mf gonna revert to blackness & watch all the immoral black male celebrities that hop on his meat to try to help (like he really wants their help.LOL)

Anon said...


His liberal associates,black and white, have distanced themselves from him.

Where's Jay and Bey at?

Anonymous said...

Jay did the same thing in The Story of O.J. Lyrics. His album came and went.

Jay-Z - The Story of O.J. Lyrics

Artist: Jay-Z

Album: 4.:44
Heyo! SONGLYRICS just got interactive. Highlight. Review: RIFF-it.
RIFF-it good.

Skin is, skin, is
Skin black, my skin is black
My, black, my skin is yellow

Light nigga, dark nigga, faux nigga, real nigga
Rich nigga, poor nigga, house nigga, field nigga
Still nigga, still nigga
I like that second one
Light nigga, dark nigga, faux nigga, real nigga
Rich nigga, poor nigga, house nigga, field nigga
Still nigga, still nigga

O.J. like, "I'm not black, I'm O.J." …okay
House nigga, don't fuck with me
I'm a field nigga with shined cutlery
Gold-plated quarters where the butlers be
I'ma play the corners where the hustlers be
I told him, "Please don't die over the neighborhood
That your momma rentin'
Take your drug money and buy the neighborhood
That's how you rinse it."
I bought every V12 engine
Wish I could take it back to the beginnin'
I coulda bought a place in Dumbo before it was Dumbo
For like two million
That same building today is worth 25 million
Guess how I'm feelin'? Dumbo

Light nigga, dark nigga, faux nigga, real nigga
Rich nigga, poor nigga, house nigga, field nigga
Still nigga, still nigga
Light nigga, dark nigga, faux nigga, real nigga
Rich nigga, poor nigga, house nigga, field nigga
Still nigga, still nigga

You wanna know what's more important than throwin' away money at a strip club? Credit
You ever wonder why Jewish people own all the property in America? This how they did it
Financial freedom my only hope
Fuck livin' rich and dyin' broke
I bought some artwork for one million
Two years later, that shit worth two million
Few years later, that shit worth eight million
I can't wait to give this shit to my children
Y'all think it's bougie, I'm like, it's fine
But I'm tryin' to give you a million dollars worth of game for $9.99
I turned that two to a four, four to an eight
I turned my life into a nice first week release date
Y'all out here still takin' advances, huh?
Me and my niggas takin' real chances, uh
Y'all on the Gram holdin' money to your ear
There's a disconnect, we don't call that money over here, yeah

Light nigga, dark nigga, faux nigga, real nigga
Rich nigga, poor nigga, house nigga, field nigga
Still nigga, still nigga
Light nigga, dark nigga, faux nigga, real nigga
Rich nigga, poor nigga, house nigga, field nigga
Still nigga, still nigga

Anonymous said...

12:00 PM That Jay Z song was inspired by the life of Kanye.

He was tryin' to give you a million dollars worth of game for $9.99. Ye will learn the hard way.

Anonymous said...

How come Nick Cannon bank account wasn't closed?
Nick got right back on his baby making feet, uhh

Kayne treatment is very strange to say the least 😫😪😥🤬😱🤢🤮🥴👹👺🐍🐊

Anonymous said...

I dont have a problem with his comments about Jews. My problem with him is what he has said and done towards us.

Anonymous said...

Sidenote: Sketchers is owned by Michael Greenberg and Robert Greenberg good luck with that Ye'.

Anonymous said...

When Kanye attacked the Jews they reacted in unison. When Kanye said slavery was a choice his rapper friends and a whole lot of other Black people defended him. That’s why they got power and we don’t.

Anonymous said...

2:16 that part. And it’s sad his views on Jews is what finally brought him down, yet he been dumping on black folks, and still thriving. But I get it. It’s no secret Jews are behind the scenes in everything, and he bit the hand that fed him. Oh well. Don’t feel bad for him at all. Maybe Candace or his beloved YT friends can help him out.

Dee said...

The IGNORANCE AND ARROGANCE of this dude. Showed up at a business unannounced, no appointment to get them to work with him, give him a contract a camera crew? WHO TF does that? He tried to bum-rush, intimidate and bully them into doing business. THE NERVE!!! Not toDAAYY sir. You aint got no mo magic dust. You blew it in the air when you disparaged them. 🤣

Anonymous said...

Fascism is @ the door. GO VOTE NEGROS!!!

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