Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Ne-Yo Denied Request to Gag Estranged Wife

Last month R&B singer Ne-Yo asked a judge to order his estranged wife, Crystal Renay, to remove the Instagram post announcing their divorce and branding him a cheater claiming she cost him endorsement deals [click here if you missed that].

Too bad...

According to court documents obtained by, last week, a hearing was held as part of the divorce after Ne-Yo filed an emergency motion. The judge found Crystal was not in willful violation of the court order.
Further, the judge did not order Crystal to remove social media posts that accused Ne-Yo of cheating on her.
In his initial motion, the singer said after Crystal filed for divorce, she trashed trashing him online. He claimed his job as a professional entertainer was dependent on his public image.
Ne-Yo’s lawyer said his client’s “earnings and earning capacities are directly affected by the manner by which his image is received and considered by the general public.”
Ne-Yo accused Crystal of speaking out in an attempt to garner public sympathy. He said her remarks led to him losing $400k in wages associated with public appearances, professional bookings, and promotional efforts related to the promotion of his new musical project.
Ne-Yo demanded Crystal be ordered to remove all the social media posts about him and an order prohibiting his estranged wife from talking about him publicly.
While the judge did not order Crystal to remove any posts, he instructed both parties to refrain from making public statements or derogatory statements on social media, podcasts and other platforms.


Anonymous said...

Ne-Yo is the messy one. He deserves every bit of what Crystal has for him.

Anonymous said...

They both are to blame. She knew he was a cheater before she married him and wanted a cash cow. He hasn't lost any money because this is not his first time being called a cheater.

Anonymous said...

Neyo don’t want them gay rumors to get out. We all know by now Neyo. You just having babies to through the str8’s off but we know KNOW!

R in NYC said...

The above picture of him just oozes zestiness. He bats for both teams.

Anonymous said...

So he's accusing her of trashing him? Hmmm, when did telling the truth equate to trashing someone? Sounds like she was just telling the facts about her experience with him as a wife. If he didn't want his disrespectful and despicable behavior to come out, then he should have behaved like someone with some sense.

Anonymous said...

Pay up Neyo you cheated and your children needs to be taken care of

Anonymous said...

Where is that same energy he had when he was public with the details of his relationship with his ex Monyetta? He stayed on social media like a bird disclosing details we did not need to know, for example her tubal ligation that he practically forced on her.

And I remember he released that long, lame ass statement on social media about their break-up. And he didn't give his ex a heads up about that statement either. He needs to have several seats and focus on how his actions are affecting all of his children.

Anonymous said...

Don't understand the Judges Ruling. What's the difference between Not Ordering them to & Instructing Them to

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