Monday, October 03, 2022

Tory Lanez Sued Over Hit and Run Involving Pregnant Woman

Canadian rapper Tory Lanez, who is currently on trial for shooting Houston rapper Megan Thee Stallion [click here if you missed that], is accused of sideswiping a car with a pregnant woman inside without stopping to see if she was ok...

From TMZ
The rapper is being sued by a couple named Krisha and Jesse Grullon, who claim he sideswiped them with his luxury vehicle in Miami during New Year's Day 2021 ... only to then allegedly flee the scene without even checking on them.
According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, the Grullons allege they exited a highway and stopped at a red light at the end of the off-ramp. Moments later, they claim, Tory came out of nowhere and struck their car from the rear left side with a green Bentley SUV.
The Grullons insist Tory never exited his ride, but instead ... claim he took off without a second thought. The worst part, they say Krisha was 4 months pregnant at the time.
The couple is gunning to have him sit for a deposition, which they're requesting be conducted early in 2023. They're also denying Tory responded to their claims in 45 days' time ... either admitting or denying each specific part of their claim.


Anonymous said...

How much more sh*t can this creep do, before his cancelation.

Anonymous said...

All those folks that thought Megan was lying on this little troll…yet he just keep showing his natural a$$ more and more. Deport him please.

Anonymous said...

What else must he do to get a one way ticket back home. Best believe Canada dont play the other way around.

Me said...

He can't see over the steering wheel so he can't see out the mirrors

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