Monday, October 24, 2022

Travis Scott Blasted by Ex Secret Side Chick

Three years ago rapper Travis Scott was accused of creeping on his baby mama Kylie Jenner with his longtime secret bae, Kylie Jenner look-a-like Rojean Kar [click here if you missed that]. 

Over the weekend the Travis / Rojean storyline roared back to life after she was spotted on Travis' video set...

It all started after Rojean, who goes by SweetYungRo on Instagram shared a clip from a video set on Instagram stories that The Shaderoom matched with Travis' set.

Travis immediately denied the reports on his Instagram stories calling Rojean 'an uninvited person that he has never met.' 

And that's when Ro snapped claiming they even spent Valentines Day together. 

After Trav denied the Valentines Day part, Ro came with reciepts.