Wednesday, October 19, 2022

Wendy Williams Checks Out of Rehab

Last month former daytime talk show host Wendy Williams checked into rehab after a series of concerning public incidents [click here if you missed that]. 

Now Wendy has check out of the facility...

From Page Six

Wendy Williams has left rehab after nearly two months of treatment.
The former talk show host’s rep tells Page Six that Williams is back at home and “healing.”
“We are happy to report that Wendy Williams is home and healing after being in a wellness facility since August,” Shawn Zanotti says in a statement.
“Wendy is excited about the road ahead and looking forward to releasing her many projects.”
Via Zanotti, Williams adds, “Thank you to my fans for your love, support and many prayers, I am back and better than ever.”


Anonymous said...

Rehab for what (this time)?

mil262 said...

@10:30AM One thousand percent correct.

Anonymous said...

She got out to soon. 6th month to a year is needed for a good foundation to move forward with sobriety.

Anonymous said...

Listen as long as she don't ever raise that elephant foot for the camera again we and she good.

Anonymous said...

WW is lonely if she would make it unofficial and hop on YoTu and talk and do a PodCast mainly about how she is feeling and doing somewhat like therapy she may start to heal. For sure people want to see her make it.

HurricaneT1992 said...

Yes hopefully bae is okay now

Anonymous said...

Reap what you Sow, WW has torn people down, with truth and speculations. She's allowed a man to use her and her money and stayed as long as he didn't have a child with the MAIN PIECE (she was the wife but the side piece). Kelvin saw her as a business/money maker and used her up...she's damaged and ruined and it is ALL HER FAULT,

Yeah people want gossip but do you have to be that grimy when your house is in shambles?

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